Cómo utilizar MICROSOFT TAG

If you already have the audioguides postcard kit, you can download the mp3 audio guides to your smartphone, by scanning the Microsoft TAG code from each postcard. To use this download option take the next steps:

Paso 1

First, confirm your smartphone uses 3G technology, has an internet connection and a built-in camera.

Paso 2

Using your smartphone, download and install the application for scanning Microsoft Tag codes.
Download the app here.

Paso 3

Scan the Tag code from each postcard. Every code will lead you to the relative mp3 audioguide download.

Paso 4

Get started on your tour of Lima. Use the postcard maps for direction, while listening to the downloaded audioguides in your cell phone.

Remember that if you do not have the printed audioguides postcard kit, you can also take the routes using just your smart phone. Go to the mobile friendly version of the web site at audioguias.peru.travel/movil/
Here you can listen to the audio guides and see the route maps online, using Google Maps.

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